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A320 is not plane for such long journey. Food service was very poor. Also temperature on the plane was too high and the humidity was like zero %.

The trip was scheduled for 1:30 am on December 16, it was after 12 noon on the 16th, they said we could travel with 2 suitcases of 70 pounds and 1 of 50, there we found out that it have to be 3 of 50, they gave us the ticket with departure from gate Y and the airport only have until gate J, we were... More
Melony in departures you are so special to us! My husband had to go to the airport on Saturday because JetBlue‘s phone line was a three hour wait. We had a medical emergency(my four year old daughter had a bulging eardrum) and needed to switch our flights scheduled for that day. The airport was pa... More
He tratado de contactar a esta empresa por email, whatsapp, Instagram y no he logrado que alguien me resuelva mi queja. Mis padres no pudieron usar sus pasajes por la pandemia y no puedo recibir reembolso porque ellos alegan que pasaron un comunicado por sus redes sociales sobre la fecha limite para... More

Unique national airline of Ecuador, shut down in 2020.

every thing was good

dont know what the trees are made of cars bounce off and get stuck on them guards can be nice when your scoping it out to rob it many times the owner is kind of a loser who snorts 2lbs of coco when he finds out you robbed him 5 times there is no wifi just a dirt with a paved runway but all in all g... More

This company must be one of the worst. They cancelled my plane without notice and it has been 3 weeks I try to contact them through every channels I can (email, phone, messenger). They don’t answer!!! No customer service at all. DON’T USE THIS COMPANY THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL 😡😡😡

I flew with Onur air to the new 'up and coming' tourist area of northern Cyprus. All flights to this destination went via turkey. We stopped in Dalaman for 50 minutes to refuel. I would recommend to eat before the flight as the food was very basic salads and light foods not filling and extremely col... More

Unlike many other carriers who extended expiring miles LH continues to burn it – where and how am I supposed to travel when countries are closed, fleet is grounded and covid-19 is all around? Do you expect loyal customers after this all finishes? Fat chance!

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