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How Executive Jet Management Helps You Fly With Peace of Mind

Traveling may be exciting, but most of us can agree that flying commercial can be a nightmare. With long TSA lines and big crowds at the airport to limited leg room and crying babies on board, there’s only your destination to look forward to. But when you fly with Executive Jet Management, you can turn your air travel experience into hours of satisfaction.

Private jet travel is one of the best ways to fly, and you don’t have to own an aircraft to make it happen. Plenty of companies — including Executive Jet Management (EJM) — allow business and leisure travelers to charter luxurious jets to make their way around the globe.

This mode of transportation isn’t just about getting around in style either. It also makes sense now more than ever. In the face of COVID-19, natural disasters, political protests, and more, private jets often prove to be the safest and most reliable choice for long-distance travel.

We’ll introduce you to EJM, its services, and all your membership options within this article.

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What Is Executive Jet Management?

The Executive Jet Management homepage

Founded in 1977, Executive Jet Management is an aviation company that offers chartered flight services around the globe, with most starting from the United States or Europe. By doing so, the Cincinnati-based company makes private flights more accessible to clients around the world.

When you travel with EJM, you get a luxurious flight experience on an EJM-operated aircraft. This means you don’t have to invest a ton of money into an aircraft of your own to escape the downsides of commercial flights. Instead, you can simply rent a private jet and get to your destination efficiently.

EJM also specializes in aircraft management, so if you do happen to own a private jet, you can have the EJM team take care of your maintenance needs and help you rent out your jet when it’s not in use.

No matter which EJM service you’re using, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re working with a brand owned by Berkshire Hathaway’s NetJets, one of the world’s most well-known and trusted private jet companies.

Executive Jet Management Charter Services

When you’re ready for your first flight on a private aircraft with Executive Jet Management, you’ll have a number of options to choose from. Private jets come in all shapes and sizes, but this company takes the available options from overwhelming, to simple to navigate.

To make your EJM experience as smooth as possible, the company lets you take your pick from five different types of jets, each perfect for different needs.

1. Small Cabin Jets

If you’re not looking for anything too fancy, EJM’s small cabin jets can take you on relatively short-distance flights within the U.S. It’s a no-frills option — if you can call any private aircraft experience “no frills.” It only comes with the expected amenities: a bathroom, luggage storage, and seats with plenty of legroom.

Max capacity: 6-7 passengers

Max travel range: 1,400 miles or three hours

Example flight routes: Los Angeles to Denver, Seattle to Las Vegas, New York City to Atlanta

Example jet models: Citation Jet, Hawker Beechcraft Premier, Learjet 40

2. Midsize Cabin Jets

Executive Jet Management: A mid-sized cabin plane

Midsize cabin jets can get you a little bit further with a little more comfort. These jets can take you to destinations in Canada, the United States, Mexico, and even the Bahamas with all the amenities of a small jet, plus a small kitchen area (otherwise known as a galley) and space for setting out your food and drinks.

Some lucky midsize cabin jet fliers may get flight attendant service included, though most do not.

Max capacity: 6-8 passengers

Max travel range: 2,200 miles or five hours

Example flight routes: San Francisco to Amarillo, Seattle to Winnipeg, Houston to Acapulco

Example jet models: Citation III, Hawker 800XP, Learjet 60

3. Super Midsize Cabin Jets

As the name suggests, super midsize cabin jets are like midsize jets, but bigger. You’ll have a larger galley and more room to stand and walk around, so you can stretch your legs throughout your longer flights. You may get flight attendant service on some super midsize jets, though it’s not guaranteed.

Though this ride won’t take you all the way across the Atlantic, you can still cross a few thousand miles of ocean to reach North American island destinations.

Max capacity: 8-9 passengers

Max travel range: 3,500 miles or seven hours

Example flight routes: Phoenix to Miami, Chicago to Mexico City, New York to Saint Thomas

Example jet models: Citation Sovereign, Hawker 1000, Falcon 50

4. Large Cabin Jets

Executive Jet Management: A woman boards a private plane

If you want to travel to a different continent with the luxury of a flight attendant, large cabin jets can get you exactly that. You can bring a true party on board with a 12-seat jet, or you can stick with a smaller group and get sleeping accommodations included. These jets are spacious for flights to and from nearly every continent.

Max capacity: 8-12 passengers

Max travel range: 4,500 miles or nine hours

Example flight routes: Los Angeles to London, Madrid to Rio de Janeiro, Rome to Cape Town, Warsaw to Bangkok

Example jet models: Falcon 2000, Challenger 605, Embraer Legacy

5. Heavy Cabin Jets

Heavy cabin jets are essentially the same as large cabin jets with much more space and the ability to travel farther. They’re perfect for large parties or anyone who wants to maximize their comfort with direct flights to faraway locations. All heavy cabin jets have a flight attendant and more amenities than any other aircraft.

Max capacity: 10-16 passengers

Max travel range: 6,000 miles or 12 hours

Example flight routes: Anchorage to Baltimore, New York to Paris, St. Louis to Reykjavik, Atlanta to Lima

Example jet models: Falcon 900, Gulfstream IV, Global 5000

How Much Do EJM Jet Charter Services Cost?

The cost of your Executive Jet Management charter service will depend on the private jet charter program you choose. We’ll describe the three options below.

1. Ascend

A woman looks at a menu on a private plane

Ascend is a program built for frequent fliers. If you’re committed to using private jets for plenty of business trips or vacations, EJM allows you to sign up for the most affordable fixed-rate pricing just by putting down a $100,000 deposit. This deposit can be used to pay for any flight at any time, up to three years later.

Fixed per-hour rates for Ascend clients range from:

  • $5,894 for small cabin jets to $10,750 for heavy cabin jets when flying round-trip anywhere
  • $6,862 to $13,706 when flying one-way (no return trip) in the continental U.S.
  • $7,507 to $14,781 when flying one-way (no return trip) outside of the continental U.S.

Hours are calculated based on the estimated departure time to the estimated arrival time.

2. On-Demand Charter

Joining the On-Demand Charter program is the best way to fly without any commitments. Just as you would with a commercial airline, this program lets you pay as you go and pay for the exact services you need when you need them.

This program is extremely flexible and personalized. Every time you need a flight, Executive Jet Management works with you to build the best itinerary, jet, and amenities for your needs.

Because of this customization, the cost of your ride can vary immensely. However, you will get a guaranteed quote with no hidden fees before you agree to ride. You can expect to pay more per hour for most rides than Ascend clients, since you’re not required to put down a deposit.

3. Cabin-Class Charter

The Cabin-Class Charter program is a perfect middle ground between the two prior options. As a part of this program, you’ll be able to send EJM a custom itinerary, select a jet size, and get a quote based on set hourly rates.

Like the On-Demand Charter program, this option allows you to get a custom flight experience crafted for your needs. However, you won’t get to be as hands-on with the decision-making — which may be a good thing if you want a simplified booking process. Like the Ascend program, you do get the benefit of fixed rates, just with a higher rate since you’re not putting down a hefty deposit.

Fixed per-hour rates for Cabin-Class charter clients range from:

  • $6,318 to $11,465 when flying round-trip anywhere
  • $7,265 to $14,717 when flying one-way in the continental U.S.
  • $7,973 to $15,899 when flying one-way outside of the continental U.S.

How To Become an EJM Charter Client

The Executive Jet Management webpage to plan a flight

If you’re still interested in booking a private jet through Executive Jet Management, your next step is getting in touch with the company. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Head to the company’s “Plan a Flight” page and fill in the form with your upcoming trip itinerary, desired aircraft, and contact information to request a quote.
  • Head to the company’s “Contact Us” page and complete the form with your inquiry and contact information. EJM recommends this for anyone without a specific trip in mind and for anyone who’s interested in putting down an Ascend deposit.
  • Call EJM at 800-451-2822. Their team is available 24/7 to answer your calls.

EJM Membership Benefits

Once you’re an official Executive Jet Management client, you will be treated like royalty. Experts with plenty of aviation experience are on call anytime you need them, every single day of the year, whether you need to book a trip, clarify payment details, or get help with just about anything else. Plus, it only takes one phone call to book a flight.

Beyond this exceptional service, you’ll also get the basic benefits of a private jet ride. You’ll no longer have to deal with long layovers, crowded rides, or uncomfortable seats. You can also skip long TSA lines, saving hours of your time.

EJM clients also get access to huge travel discounts provided by the company’s preferred partners. For example, new clients receive complimentary ride hours with Savoya, a ground transportation provider in North America.


Frequently Asked Questions

Flying with EJM can make you feel safer and more comfortable in the air than ever before. Learn more about what it’s like to charter a private jet with the company by reading our answers to these common questions:

1. How do I know it’s safe to fly with Executive Jet Management?

EJM has not only passed all industry safety requirements, the company is also certified with the Air Charter Safety Foundation and holds a top-tier platinum rating with ARGUS. All employees have passed background checks, while all jets pass extensive reviews.

In terms of security, EJM is fully compliant with TSA screening recommendations and always verifies their customers’ identities — no one on the No Fly List is ever allowed to board. EJM facilities are also secured by experienced professionals.

In general, the company also upholds a culture of safety that keeps clients’ needs top of mind.

2. Can I pay extra to get a flight attendant on my flight if there isn’t one included?

Every jet has a set crew, so it’s unfortunately not possible to simply request a flight attendant. Plus, since small cabin jets don’t include a galley, the flight attendant wouldn’t have space to prepare food or drinks anyway.

If you’re planning a trip on a midsize cabin jet or super midsize cabin jet, EJM may be able to work with you to ensure you’re matched with an aircraft that includes a flight attendant.

3. Can I get special rates if I use EJM for my business?

While EJM does offer a special Charters for Corporations program to businesses, which is designed to fit the needs of corporate travelers, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get cheaper rates. The price for each trip will be based on your needs.

Make Air Travel Your Preferred Route

Private jet charter services aren’t just for aircraft owners. With Executive Jet Management, any traveler can access safe and comfortable air transportation with a single phone call. You’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle and crowds that come with flying commercial.

Even if you don’t have the budget of a celebrity, private flights can still be an option. Read our guide to finding cheap private flights to get tips and tricks for reducing how much you spend.

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