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Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Latest review: Many shops and dining options at Schipol Airport. No need to take a train between terminals as all concourses/piers are under the same roof.... More
Eindhoven Airport
Eindhoven Airport
31 review
Latest review: Talk about a fight at Security. Horrendous. We were fed through the typical queuing barriers which was absolutely fine, but a real lack of any organisation once the line ended. Anybody could, and did, go anywhere. I've never encountered pushing and shoving like it. Would be very reluctant to fly thr... More
Rotterdam The Hague Airport
Latest review: Ideal airport, no distance at all, efficient staff, fluent boarding (not a wonder considering the low ocupation), on-time departure.

Terminal facilities basic, but has all the esentials for a regional airport and the destinations served are more than just from a regional airport.

Did n... More
Sint Maarten Princess Juliana International Airport
Latest review: There was a minor backup at customs, but it was very clean and smart looking... More